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Our uniqueness is that we are THE place to reach a focused audience of Android mobile phone users in Nigeria. Our website is built for speed and, due to the very light use of images on the site, advertisements remain in focus and attract plenty of clicks.

Visitors get content quickly and advertisers get great results!

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Our best ad position…

For mobile users, this ad unit appears just below the logo on every page. Until we’re sold out of this position, there’s little point selling another position. Let’s keep this simple ūüėČ

Run of Site 300x250 ad unit on


The price for this ad unit is based on a fee of USD 1.50 for every 1,000 times we show it. This is a special offer and prices will be increased soon. Buy now!

We currently deliver between 130,000 and 200,000 page views per day, and the ad unit above is on every page. If you want to buy a whole day, the price is currently USD 195-350. We’re happy to sell the position by the hour, day of week, lunar cycle, month…whatever.

Contact us for an offer! We’ll estimate the volume for the period you want, knock a bit off so we’re sure we can deliver and then we’ll apply a discount if you go big.

About our audience

Data below is from February 2016 (Source: Google Analytics).


Age groups

Our largest age group is the 25-34 segment, representing 63% of users.


More than 99% of our users are marked as being male. This data is inferred and estimated by Google Analytics. It’s taken from a sample of about 35% of users and we believe it is probably a bit exaggerated. No doubt we have a very male-biased audience though.



99% of the mobile and tablet visitors are using Android devices.



Below, the In-Market data shows what our users are in the market to buy or engage with. All of this data is of course collected anonymously.


To summarise, if you’re looking to reach a large audience of male Android users in Nigeria, aged 25-44, who love football, getting smart and making a career, the place to be seen!

Minimum booking is USD 100. We accept payments via PayPal.